About Me

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Hey! Since I have this blog, I might as well describe myself a bit for anyone who finds it. (And more of you are, lately!)

First, my name’s Emily and I’m 21. Foremost, I’m a vegan ( see my posts XD ) for reasons health, ethical, and environmental.

Rather than veggie burgers and Oreos, I strive toward a whole food, plant-based diet. Yes, veganism involves more, like actually cruelty-free products, but I have a real fascination about nutrition – as you may have noticed.

As someone who has been-there-done-that with every possible version of meat-eating, vegetarianism, veganism, raw foodism, gluten-free…ism, I feel some of the stuff I have to say about it all might be good for a blog!

Anyway. Hi. Thank you for reading this. You’re really nice.



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