The Sweetest Sweet Potato You Can Imagine

Try this as a dessert, sweet snack, or – if you’re anything like me – breakfast.

If you don’t know why sweet potatoes are essential for everyone from vegans to meat-eaters, you’ve got to read my previous post.

By the way, this is the perfect vegan ( and certainly more pure ) substitute for this:


Who needs the Thanksgiving excuse for this level of sweetness?


Cut up a sweet potato from left to right

Then cut some of the discs in half

Throw in an oven-safe glass dish

Pour olive oil over, leaving a good layer at the bottom

Sprinkle with brown sugar, to taste ( 3 spoonfuls is plenty )

Turn an oven on to 350ºF / 177ºC

Plop it in, walk away for up to an hour

Remove and serve

Use the remaining sauce to intensify, or just save it

Of course, you can accommodate this single-serving recipe for more people!

It might not be the shining beacon of healthy plant-based food, but if it helps you get your daily sweet potatoI’m all for it.

Okay. Bye!


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