Lend a Hand

It goes without saying why volunteering is invaluable to communities ranging in size from your town to our planet. That being said, I’d like to give a couple of reasons why community service is good for you.

Outside Focus


You’ve got no choice but to focus on someone or something other than you. This may be especially good for anxiety. In general, you just get a good reminder of what it’s all about: not just you.



There is no scenario in which volunteer experience won’t help you. It definitely affects future job and college applications. (Hopefully this one is more of a side effect.)

Translation: you gain respect.


You get the chance to work closely with people who obviously have similar interests. It’s one of the best starting points, because you’ve got to talk about the task. When everyone’s passionately part of the same team, it’s almost easy to make friends.

More than that, you might become close to those you’re working to help – or even your superiors.



Oftentimes volunteer work is very physical. Personally, this is one of my favorite “selfish” reasons. I love task-oriented, grub-filled labor. For a cause? Delectable.

Exercise, by the way, reduces stress. Can you say endorphins?

Comfort Zone


Say bye bye! This one’s up to you persons-0008

Okay. Bye!


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