A Staple All Vegetarians ( and Vegans ) Should Have in Their Kitchens



I didn’t used to like these, but like a lot of us have to do, I trained myself to really love them!

If you’re allergic, there are plenty of other nutritionally equivalent foods 😀  But that is for another post!

First, some facts:

  • We must get (from food) water-soluble vitamins each day because, simply, they don’t remain in our bodies. Vitamin C is commonly known, but the B-complexes are equally essential.
  • Those include folate, pantothenic acid, biotin, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12
  • There is some debate over whether or not B12 actually stores in the liver – but regardless, even meat eaters have to attend to their consumption…
  • …Not so with several of the other B vitamins. But that’s okay!
  • The top sources of B3 are all meat, for example. But crimini mushrooms, among a variety of plant foods that do, provide over 15% daily value.

That’s one example. Crimini even provide some B12, believe it or not! For this reason (or another), I don’t wash my mushrooms.

Anyway, two of the healthiest mushrooms that I’ve discovered (as far as vitamin and mineral content) are crimini and shiitake.

Raw foodists be warned: look into this. It’s my understanding that mushrooms must be cooked and only very carefully foraged.

Otherwise, how we eat them isn’t that important! Unless you only put them on pizza 😛 Sautéing them in olive oil gets me to eat three times as many, so I pick my battles.

Cutting them is also strangely satisfying…

From experience, I really recommend always having these little fungi in your fridge. Your body will thank you!

Okay. Bye!


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