High fat vs. High carb // Something Weird I’ve Noticed

Disclaimer: I’m aware that there are high-fat vegans. I’m mostly discussing a meat-inclusive diet, which is my more recent experience that lead to the discovery below!

The high fat vs. high carb debate is of peak interest among nutritionists and other qualified persons today – and then there’s me. It has become an inner war of my own.

Allow me to examine the extremes of each scenario:



am I right

Avoids carbs not because he/she loathes them – but because he/she will literally gain weight from eating too much. Doesn’t matter how many veggies they consume; it’s not high carb.


Even if he/she eats junk food, cannot get the same amount of fat as a meat-eater – so long as he/she eats moderately healthy.

I’ve been both people. What’s the difference?

When eating meat/high fat, I might eat the same amount of food overall… but achieve the upper cap of my usual weight range. (I usually stay within 1-2 pounds of my weight.)

A calorie isn’t just a calorie.

That’s a generic fact, but fact it is. Don’t tell me an Oreo calorie is the same as a bell pepper one.

Beyond weight, my whole body functions differently. Its relationship to carbs is bizarrely different. I get cold. 

Certainly, it doesn’t make sense to believe that carbs magically change within me because I eat meat. It’s the addition of the meat that affected me somehow. And what is “special” about meat? Fat.


  • 1 burger: 12g


  • A chicken breast: 14g


I searched “gross chicken” for the pic and couldn’t stomach it. Sorry.

  • 3 slices bacon: 10g


On second thought, I’m never going to search “gross” + any meat again.

  • Some sausages have 20g each

Why does a high fat diet cause me cold hands and feet? I don’t know, really, but I know I’ve found a connection.

Recently I read a book with some facts, like this one, that might corroborate my thoughts:

As fat intake becomes increasingly lower, insulin works increasingly better.

According to Michael Greger’s How Not to Die – as well as sort of basic knowledge – type 2 diabetes occurs where the body can make insulin but fat messes up its action. (Check it out – I’m talking about page 102).


Maybe insulin messes with foot temperature. More likely, that sounds really dumb. But hey, Greger made me wonder, what else does fat mess with?

As a devoted foodie, I’m hyper-aware of the way food affects me. I examined it; I didn’t have the iron or protein excuse. It’s fat.


come hither, precious dairy-free trash

For example, cereal. When I’m vegetarian, I can have something as junky as Crunch Berries with almond milk for breakfast by itself and feel almost fueled. But as a meat-eater, it will make me feel off for the rest of the day.

Even if it’s whole grain bread. So long as I’m eating a high fat diet, I’ve got issues.

I’ve been a high fat vegan, as well. I’d still get cold. This problem isn’t exclusive to meat…but a lot of other ones are. (Stay tuned!)

Okay. Bye!


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