Clarity // Foregoing Dairy is Clearing My Skin?

Here’s what happened to my body once I stopped feeding it dairy.


Have a seat.

My skin became less red.

Indeed, what I thought was acne was actually just a bit of redness. Removing dairy revealed an even skin tone where I thought such a thing was hopeless: my face.


you feel me?

Speaking of face, oil. Less of it.

As in, I think I have to switch moisturizers now. It’s been like two weeks.

The first five days were kind of annoying. I was focusing on all the things I couldn’t have.


But then, a breakthrough.


As someone with a huge sweet tooth (I’m talking, major), it amazes me to know I barely crave any dairy products. And dairy is in SO much.

I have given in to a few impulses. For instance, I had a slice of birthday cake. But no leftovers. Because I barely enjoyed it the first time.

Plus, I’m at the point where the consequences aren’t worth the indulgences.


I’m a big believer that our skin shows what’s going on inside. If it clears, imagine the inner cleansing. Amazing.


I haven’t even touched upon the ethics. I’ve actually been to a dairy farm – and filmed some of it. Stay tuned.

Okay. Bye!



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