My Vegetarian/Vegan Journey and Why I Struggled (A Timeline)



Well, there’s one reason not to eat meat.

Hi. How are you? If you haven’t seen my previous post, I’ll let you know that in it, I listed several “facts about me” I might talk about on this blog. The reason I’m discussing vegetarianism today is because… it was first.

Fast Fact #1

“In high school, I was a vegetarian for a year and a half. Since then, I’ve been off-and-on vegan.”

That’s rather vague, isn’t it? Here’s a timeline:

From birth all the way to 2009:

I ate everything. Simply, it’s how I was raised. I wasn’t one of those glue-eating kids, however.



2009 to 2011:

I became a vegetarian – and stuck with it. No issues with bread for dinner. But then…


“Give me your plate”

2011 to 2015:

Meat. Lots of dairy. And – you guessed itweight gain. (While I lost the weight eating this way, this may well explain the “before” picture. Going overboard on celery isn’t the same as going ham on ham, after all.)


really liked this stuff.

And finally, 2015 to today:

Off-and-on everything. Most, if not all, of the flip-flopping was with veganism. It wasn’t until late last year that I stayed solid vegetarian. But then

The holidays. Indeed, I returned to the dark side (of the turkey…?) until very recently.

So why all the vacillation?

A simple answer:

I was an unhealthy meat-eater. Taking my lack of concern and applying it to a whole new lifestyle meant I couldn’t sustain it. I became unhealthier.

This is why weight is a testament to nothing!

But in other words, I didn’t do it right. I believed vegan anything was healthier than the most balanced “regular” meal. My body did not agree with my head’s desire to lead an ethical, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle in all the wrong ways.

Luckily, I get healthier every day. Closer to the life I want (and need) to lead.

Okay. Bye!


*experimental post #1 complete


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